Desejo Do Brazil

Brazil is famous for its meat, drink and hospitality. Desejo do Brazil means feed your desires and we hope you do that when you dine with us. Our meat is served on long skewers, marinated in special spices, grilled and then served at your table by our Passadores.

This type of service is commonly described as Charruscaria in Brazil, where guests enjoy a feast of barbecued meat, as much as they can eat.

We offer guests up to 12 different cuts of meat; beef steak, lamb steak, beef, lamb, pork and chicken. Each cut is specially marinated and cooked on a specially designed grill before being served at your table by our Passadores.

When it comes to drinks, you will be equally spoilt for choice with a wide range of wines, cocktails and spirits.

When you dine at Desejo do Brazil, we guarantee you a taste of Brazil!

Opening Hours

  • Monday: 6pm To 11pm
  • Tuesday: 6pm To 11pm
  • Wednesday: 6pm To 11pm
  • Thursday: 6pm To 11pm
  • Friday: 6pm To 11pm
  • Saturday: 6pm To 11pm
  • Sunday: 6pm To 11pm


Desejo Do Brazil
168 – 172 Sussex Gardens (london street)
W2 1TP
United Kingdom